Saturday, 29 November 2014

Inspiration-the future is ours for the taking.

 We live our lives hoping for something extraordinary.We venture out into the world praying for success.Everyone seems to want a change. We all want to benefit something from our lives but the only problem is we want change. We're not making a significant change. You can live your life saying you want to make a difference but words aren't the same as actions.Words don't have much value if what is said isn't done.

 I take the world for advantage.I know I do. I'm blessed to live in a world that allows me to meet so many different people and learn so many things.I don't give back a lot.I know that I'm not contributing to the sustainability of the world. I know that I haven't made a difference but at the same time I know I can't do this alone. I'm one person in 7 billion.

 A change is needed in order to secure our futures.I want to know the world I'm living in is kept safe. I want a future where I know that when I'm walking on the streets I'm not treading upon an endless path of litter.A future where I know I'm not breathing polluted air. A future where we can all accept each other and the things that make us who we are. But we can't do this without change. We can make a change.And yes it does sound very cliche but it's true. If we gave as much as we've taken from the world, things would be better.

They say you never know what you have until you've lost it. Will we only realize our mistakes when the world is on the verge of collapsing? I don't want that. We shouldn't want that.
There's this story-
If we want to make a change, if we want to know that we have contributed to a better future we need to take action. Instead of  dwelling on the fact that nothing is changing, we need to make that change. I know even the smallest things can make a large difference. We've all got to start believing in that.

What change do you want?

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Alive,not living.- A poem.

Sometimes I feel like a wallflower,hiding amidst the crowd.I don't really mind it at times.You see I have peace and quiet in the comfort that I have found. I won't ask to be acknowledged but if you do then, "Hello". I'm somewhere in the silence, a place I've always known.

It's a dangerous world out there,
And I'm standing on the outside ,
Alive but not yet there.
I'm somewhere in the busy streets,
And cramped bus stations,
Barely breathing air.
Wondering if passers by will just smile,
Or go on walking by.
Their faces down,
Wearing frowns,
Just going round and round.

You see,
I don't want to be that person standing in the midsts,
Watching time go by,
Through the glass upon my wrist.
I want to make the world stop spinning,
And change the world.
For once start living.
Stop this meager existence and begin benefiting.
But the problem is...
I'm alive, not living.

I hope you liked my poem,
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Christmas poem.

Christmas is soon coming up. I'm so excited, what about you?There are 28 days 7 hours and twenty-five minutes till Christmas. Not that i'm counting.So to get into the festive mood, I wrote a poem. I wrote it during school in preparation for our Christmas assembly but thought I would share it. Comment if I should post more leading up to Christmas.

A glorious green- A short poem.

 Green and tall,
I'm feeling small,
Staring down the empty hall.
Across me stands a large green figure,
Clothed in gold tinsel,
and covered with glitter.
It smiles at me,
And I can see,
This Christmas time will be filled with glee.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Believing in yourself.

It's easy to say that you can't do something or you don't understand something. It's easy because it's so much more simple than trying.I feel as if many people say it on a daily basis and recently it's become an excuse. I can't, now means I don't want to and I don't understand,means I don't care. I'll admit, I have used these phrases a lot in my lifetime. They were the excuses that I would use if I was too tired or couldn't be bothered to do something. But all of a sudden something changed.

 I realized these phrases were limiting my potential, I wasn't giving a 100 percent because I had an excuse. An excuse to sit around and do nothing about the things i wasn't as good at. I had never really tried asking for help but then once I came to high school I knew that I had to. You see in high school if you don't ask for help no ones going to know your struggling and they won't help. Asking for guidance isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign of strength.A sign that your able to admit  the things your not as good as and improve on them. Instead of providing an excuse provide a question. Ask. Don't accept the fact that you might not be able to do something because you can do it.Believe in yourself. It's not the easiest thing when there may be people around you putting you down but if your able to focus on the goal you want to achieve, nothing can penetrate that focus and determination.

Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going.
A quote by Chantal Sutherland.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Project H -Help needed.

I need elves! Where are my elves? Elves!
I'm back with an update on project H. I've realized that coming up with 365 different ways to make people happy is quite hard. I have 20 ideas so far and in order to reach 365 tasks I will need 345 more. That's a lot of ideas to come up with. So i have decided that i can either keep this idea or change it up a little.
Instead of 365 daily tasks how about 1 main monthly task and shorter weekly ones?, which would give you more time to complete the tasks.I would love to know your thoughts on this change, and if you like it or not.

Tell me 5 things that make you happy,( it could be anything and 3 things that you think would make others happy.

So spread the word to anyone you know and ask if they want to take part.
Thank you.

Learning a valuable lesson.

You know that feeling when you wake up late for school? I do. My school starts at 8:30 and I've worked out that it takes about thirty-five  minutes to get to school(45 if I go to the shops). I usually take an hour to get dressed add or take a few minutes of procrastination. I wake up at 6:40 to get ready for school. So if I work out the maths I usually arrive at school at 8:15. Today I woke up at 7:20. I was horrified when I woke up but luckily I managed to get a lift. I even arrived 30 minutes before school started.But that's not the important part of this post. So why have I gone on about it for a whole paragraph? I don't know, it seemed like a good beginning.

I want to talk about giving and kindness. Today in form we had an assembly and usually I find assemblies boring and packed full of information but this one was different. It talked about being good people and giving back. I felt this was perfect since Christmas was coming up. It clicked that I take a lot of things for granted and that receiving isn't as good as giving. When you give, your not just giving a physical thing. your giving them hope or kindness or love. Your giving them a sign that you care and I think that's the most important gift there is. It doesn't matter what you get, it's what you give that's important because what you give has the ability to shape someones day. I'm not talking about money or clothes or gifts. I'm talking about the simplest of things. A hello in the morning, holding the door open for someone, even complementing someone.They all matter and I loved that the assembly had so much more depth than I thought it would have.
 So what's the best gift you have ever given and how did you feel when you gave it?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

A list of my current favourite songs.

Taylor swift- blank space ( I loved the music video for this song) listen
Meghan Tonjes- affected . listen
Sam Smith - Like I can listen
walk by Kwabs listen
VV Brown- shark in the water listen
wait on me by Rixton listen
The Script -Superheroes listen
Adored by him-Doddleoddle listen
Starrkeisha- Babby Momma listen
Love- Partynextdoor. listen

Check out these songs by clicking listen.

British book challenge.

I've never really heard of this challenge till today but when I did I was ecstatic. I love reading but I never get the chance to.Well that's a lie, I do get the chance ,I just spend it procrastinating.
But next year i'm determined to start reading more and part taking in this challenge will act as my motivation.

What books am I hoping to read and review?
So far I have only got 5. I never realized how hard it was to come up with 12  books.

1-Harry Potter by Jk Rowling ( hopefully the whole series) I know how bad this sounds,"i've never read a Harry Potter book"but i'm going to change that.

2- Before i go to sleep by SJ Watson

3-Noughts and crosses by Malorie Blackman

4- Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

5- Angus,thongs and full frontal snogging by Louise Rennison

Go check out any details here.

A list of Pet Peeves.

I usually like to consider myself as a happy and tolerant person but there are somethings that get on my nerves.

1- Loud, obnoxious gum chewing.
2- Cutting in front in the dinner line without permission.
3- People who involve themselves in conversations of which they shouldn't be involved in
4-People who run in the corridors and intrude on your lesson.
5-Disrespectful people.
6- Hypocrites.
7- People who don't listen but expect to be heard.
8- Loud people on the bus.
9- People who don't sit down on the bus when there are plenty seats for them to sit on.
10- When someone tells you they have a secret but won't tell you.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Happiness- a 365 day project.

Definition of happiness-The state of being happy.

A project in which I immerse myself in the beauty of human emotion and attempt to spread happiness.

My pursuit of happiness. I could spend a lifetime trying to make myself happy but the more I think about it why try  to just make myself happy when I have the ability to make others happy. Hundreds of them at least. That is why, starting next year I will be starting project H.Where we can all spread happiness.

So what exactly is this project?
The project involves small daily tasks and bigger monthly ones in which you try to make people happy.The aim by the end of the year is to make as many people as you can smile or laugh.In simple terms the project is just a way in which we can all spread happiness.

The need of this project in society
I believe that in today's world there's too much hatred,envy, greed,war,sadness and depression. There's not enough happiness out there and I want to change that. Obviously not single handedly but hopefully with the help with everyone out there who will read this post.

So how do i join? 
You just do.There is no official sign up sheet but if you want to comment down below with your name and a task for me to include in the project,that would be highly appreciated. Share the project, the more people aware of it the easier it'll be to spread the happiness. Tell everyone you know,the more people involved the better.

 where are my helpers?
I need a team of people to help me come up with the project ideas. I need 365 tasks so any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Comment down below if you want to help or join in to spread the news.

 when does it start?
January the first to December the 31st next year but that doesn't mean you cant start now.Spread the happiness and comment anything you've already done so far.

A little more info
If you have any questions just comment down below and i'll be sure to check them out. Please share your encouragement and thoughts.Take this as an opportunity to be you. There will be daily blog posts about my achievements so link any of your achievements below so we can congratulate each other. Send any pictures or cool quotes if you want.

Whats the most important thing?
Enjoy yourself, this project shouldn't pose a burden to you. It should be fun and if you can't complete all the tasks i'ts fine.Understand that even making one person happy is one of the biggest achievements there is.

Spread this blog post to anyone you think would like to take part.
Join me in the pursuit of happiness.
Thanks for reading.

Technology HATES me.

Am I the only on who thinks that my laptop has a personal vendetta against me? Yes I may have dropped it a couple times but it was working perfectly fine this past week. Today of all days the computer just decided to turn against me.( I'm using my brothers right now). It refused to connect to the internet.I tried everything. Switching the computer on and off about seven times, Unplugging the broadband and plugging back in again.Nothing worked so I did what any normal person would do.I gave up and decided to rant about it instead .It seems like in today's society almost everything revolves around technology ,which is horrible for me because I'm like an alien when it comes to anything relating to  the use of technology. Don't judge me but I can't even make a spreadsheet without the aid of a teacher. I know, I know it's terrible but I will  learn. Eventually.

 So lets get back to my theory that technology hates me. I can prove it.In the last week I have dropped my phone on my face about 6 times. Exactly in the same spot just above my nose.After the 4th time it stopped being funny ( Well it was never really funny to me in the first place but I guess the comedic aspect disappeared. How do I know this? The laughter stopped.).Do you ever feel like phone chargers are just out to get you?, like they're just lying around on the floor waiting to trip you up. Well i do. I've fallen 10 times just this past week. I don't know whether its just that I can't remember where I've plugged the charger in or if I just choose to ignore the fact that it's right in front of me. My kindle decided to freeze on me today as well. I spent an hour reading over the same paragraph before realizing that I just needed to switch it on and off again.And although technology may hate me I suppose I can learn to accept it. It's not like they're going to turn into this any time soon. At least I hope not.

Monday, 17 November 2014

School is back.

School is now in session and although i am terribly sad my 7 days of doing nothing are over. I'm rather excited to start learning new things.
 Today i hard art as my first lesson, in which i attempted and failed to draw a bird. I settled for an abstract snail in the end. Then i had maths which was good. We were asked the question-
what is 3a+2b
when a=3 and b=6
The answer, being 21 resulted in almost everyone at the same time yelling 21 at the top of their lungs.Laughter inevitably followed.So much laughter.I swear that vine has started a revolution.
Maths was then followed by science/sport. We played football as we were educated on the muscles. I now know 4 types. I being the forgetful person i am failed to recall that we had football on the grass and therefore failed to bring my football boots in. It had rained today so the grass was terribly muddy. I could not walk,nor run.I couldn't even kick the ball. I kept walking around like a 80 year old, which to be honest was quite hilarious.My last lesson was English. I spent  the majority of the lesson writing my story as i had already finished all my work. When the day was over i came home tired, only to realize i had left my trainers at school. I guess i'll just fetch them tomorrow.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Dare to dream.

Do you dare to dream,
To exceed all limitations and expectations?
Do you dare to challenge,
The theories and ideas of which we all adhere?
Do you dare to be,
The person you've always wanted to be,
In a society where our hopes and dreams,
Are restricted by past ideologies,
And the cruel,bitter words that so many  have screamed?

Well yes i do dare to dream,
And believe,
And exceed!
I do dare to challenge,
And i will not be silenced.
Yes i do dare to be who i want to be,
Because my friend you see;
I will not let anything limit me.
I will spread my wings,
Exclaim my thoughts,
And then fly free.
Then they will see,
That we don't need to be who they want us to be.
We can succeed,
By our own means,
Because we are free
And nothing can cage us!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

These words shall set me free.

I'm treading upon thin ice. It's cold and i know I'm alone but i go on treading. Slowly. Gently. Carefully.Any abrupt movement could result in serious consequences, so I stop to catch my breathe and a sigh escapes my mouth. I close my eyes and stay there bent over;my fears escaping my mind.My breathing stabilizing. I regain my posture:back arched up,hands by my side and smile upon my fearless face.
 Yes,i'll speak with the words deemed inadequate,
And i'll exclaim them at the top of my lungs
I'm no longer limited
I'm free to let my thoughts take flight.
Alas, I am free.

Friday, 14 November 2014

The first day is the worst.

I remember the time that i started high school. I was young (not to say that i'm not young now), slightly ignorant and very afraid. I was not prepared for what i was about to face. I remember the first day quite vividly. I was dropped of by my brother at school and as i stepped out the car,  the realization that i was going to be entering a new place with almost no friends dawned on me. The anxiety and fear kicked in but i didn't let it show. The worst thing to do is act like you're scared. Almost everyone is scared, so if you act confident( not arrogant) you'll look more approachable and you'll soon begin to make new friends.

 I can recall how i felt about seeing my school for the first time. I just stood there gawping at the gargantuan glass monster before my  eyes.  A million emerald  green eyes stared at me as i cowered beneath the monster they belonged too.I could hear it growl,it was a small purr at first but then it grew into a deafening growl. I was it's prey and it was my predator. Its sharp jagged teeth were ready to chomp down on me. I would be consumed in a split second. Then all of a sudden something happened. no longer did i see an enemy before me. i saw a reflection of myself and i began to realize that i was the enemy. I wasn't willing to give high school a chance because i was judging it by all the rumors and myths people had told me about high school. I was restricting myself from experiencing things on my own due to the influences of the people around me.

When i began to look closer i realized it wasn't that bad. Yeah i had my ups and downs. I still do but High schools a mixture of emotions. And i know no matter how many times i say that i hate high school, at the back of my mind i know i really don't. I would hate to not go to high school and have the ability to immerse myself in the knowledge provided by amazing educators that have a passion for teaching. I'd miss all the opportunities high school provides, the opportunity to make friends and discover talents about yourself that you never even knew you had.

So the next time you find your self dreading the prospect of going to high school just think about all the things you'd be missing out if you didn't go. There are some things i certainly would not miss about high school but they don't have a great amount of influence on my day because i choose to dismiss them. Focus on the more positive things and you'll find yourself loving high school a little bit more. After all, time does tend to fly by and before you know it, you'll be the next Lord Sugar or Einstein.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Say something.

With this voice of yours...

Speak for the people
And speak for the weak.
Speak for the hungry,
The homeless,
And all the people we can and can't see.

Speak for the heartless
And speak for the soul.
Speak for the lost and misguided beings,
Who have lost their hope.

Speak for the heartache,
Speak against the hate,
Speak because your words will be heard,
And you'll know that you've been brave.

Speak because you know i'll listen,
Speak because you know i'm here,
Speak because you know ill stand up with you,
In order to beat your fears.

Speak because your loving
And speak because you care.
Speak because you know when you call,
I'll always try to be there.

Speak because your human,
Speak up for your rights,
Speak against what's wrong
And try and try and try.

Don't let anyone limit your freedom of speech, if you believe in something and you want to be heard just speak. Someone out there is listening.

Before my chestnut eyes.

The trees rustled quietly in the calming Autumn wind as I ambled through the park. A flurry of leaves enveloped me in a wall of browns and reds as I wondered aimlessly .It was quiet, a soothing and peaceful quiet. The flowers stood stationary, their petals failing to flutter in the wind as the birds flew in the aqua blue sky. Upon the branches the robins sang their harmonious tune, bringing the park to life. I came to an abrupt stop as  a flow of raindrops cascaded down upon me. My clothes clung to my cold,shivering body. My once voluptuous red hair now lay flat upon my head. I was drenched.

My warm chestnut eyes drifted upwards, a dozen raindrops fell upon my face and trickled down my puffy cheeks. For a second the rain drops looked like diamonds. The clear crystals glistened and glittered as they fell upon the solid ground, shattering to a million brittle pieces. I stood with my mouth agape ,gawking at the sky. Grey clouds began to form, shielding the blue waves from sight. The sky was no longer visible. A vast wall of dreariness began to expand. I watched it consume the dreamlike sky and all the birds and planes that swam in its current.

I realized how insignificant I was to the world around me. Gargantuan trees enclosed me and i trembled beneath their branches. I was small and alone. Even the tiniest of animals roamed in a pack. There I stood. The world around me oblivious to my presence yet I was so mindful of its existence.

The night sky.

How beautiful the sky must look,
Surrounded by the stars,
Large buildings,
The flying animals,
And below, the sleeping cars.

How beautiful the clouds must feel,
knowing that they're the only ones,
who come and meet the dark night sky,
And in the morning the shining sun.

How beautiful the stars must be,
For us to always see.
They gleam and light the darkness,
And fill our hearts with glee

How beautiful the wind must sound,
As it  whispers "all goodnight".
It carries the hopes and promises
That'll set the world alight.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Oblivious- A burst of creativity

Love can make you oblivious to the world around you.
We stood there staring at each other. Holding our gaze for what seemed like an eternity. Neither one of us blinked; even if we tried we couldn't have any way. My eyes were fixed upon him and his eyes were fixed upon me. Marshmallow clouds filled the sky as the sun blushed uncontrollably, tinting the sky gold. But we acknowledged absolutely none of this. I was here and he was there. That was all we needed to know. It didn't matter what happened around us because In a few hours these things would cease to exist. Him and i would watch their extinction. Building by building and person by person. Nothing would be the same again but weirdly i don’t think we minded that much. We were together at last. Even if it was only for 60 seconds.
That’s the exact amount of time it took for my world to end. Or at least I think. The events flashed by before i could even comprehend what was happening. 5 seconds for the bomb to fall. 10 for it to penetrate deep into the ground and 45 seconds for it to destroy what i once called home. We watched it burn to the ground. I held back the tears. At least we were together.

 This was an extract of a story i was going to write but decided not to. I hope you liked it.
If you liked the picture it's here-


The Autumn leaves never looked as beautiful as they do now. The once green leaves now beautiful shades of  brown, red, purple and orange. Scattered upon the colorless pavements. I love how the wind pinches your cheeks and caresses your face as you stand there watching and breathing in the scenery. The trees sway in the gentle wind and the leaves gracefully descend upon the floor tinting the pavements shades of orange and red.
The days are getting colder yet there's still so much warmth. Autumn radiates color and vibrancy enhancing the pulchritude of the streets that wind endlessly. The autumn is  like a messenger, whispering to the world " winters coming, winters coming". If you listen closely enough you can hear the soothing melodic sound travel through the air. Oh how i love to smell the scents of Autumn. Pumpkin ,vanilla, cinnamon and various spices blend together to produce an intoxicating concoction of comfort and passion. It's safe to say i love Autumn.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Smile,not because you have to but because you want to.
you're so happy that suppressing a smile would be absolutely ridiculous.
Dance, not because you have to but because you want to feel the music travelling through your veins as you groove to the beat.
Laugh, not because you have to but because it's so funny that you can't bare to hold it in.
Love,not because you have to.
Do it because you see the good in people and you see the happiness that love brings.
And believe, not because everyone always tells you to.
Do it because there is hope in the world and when you believe you can achieve things thought unreachable. Things labelled as impossible or unattainable.
Be who you want to be and lead the life you want to lead.
But that's only if you want to.

Day on day were told that we need to behave in a certain way or we need to do certain things in order to be accepted in the society we live in. All these expectations that people have created do not always need to be met. You don't have to be rich or stereo typically pretty or slim or popular or funny.
you just have to be you. And that's really all you need to be.

Reasons why i fail at life.

This post was inspired by Superwoman ( Lily Singh) from YouTube. Hope you enjoy.
So why do i fail at life? lets see.

1)      I am incapable of approaching a social situation without being terribly awkward or shy. Example: My mum will introduce me to a friend of hers. The conversation will go a little like this-

Mums friend: Hi . 
Me: (Nothing ,just a blank expression on my face.)
Mums friend: ok how are you?
Me:(stare ). 
Mum's friend- I'm Susana.
Me :Hiimstellanicetomeetyouhowareyoudoingtodayislifegoodhahaha. (Nervous look.)
Mums friend to mum: You have a lovely child here but may i ask why is she staring at me?
Me :(walk away with a possessed look  and a creepy song playing just to freak them out.)

2) Do you see that invisible fly whizzing past the screen? No. I do because i have the worst attention span in the world. Right now i'm typing ,in  second i'm going to be watching TV and then i'm probably going to go hunting for a unicorn. ( don't judge me, it could happen)

     3)I am legitimately the queen of procrastination. It puzzles me how i'm even capable of turning any assignments in. Ill come home from school and ill be like  lets do this thang ( referring to my homework). Ill open up the laptop and then it all goes down hill.  This is usually my thought process.-Maybe ill check YouTube , it'll only be for a second. No i stay on YouTube for hours non stop watching videos. Even make up videos. I don’t even wear makeup. What the asdsdfsfwerthg.
 4)I come so close to achieving but i'm never quite there. Let me give you a little insight into  to my maths class. In a recent maths test i did i got 97 percent. You want to know why. I got one question wrong because stupid over here rubbed out the right answer in order to make it more legible then replaced it with a  completely alternate answer. (Get it alternate. Maths pun.) How does 151 look like 51.  The thing that makes it worse is i checked the test three times and still didn't find a mistake. I must have been focusing on that invisible fly again.

5)I lack confidence. They say that if you fake  having confidence, soon enough you'll be more confident. So basically if you fake it enough you'll be infected by tons of confidence, like a flu caught from that one person who cant cover there mouth when they sneeze. What they forgot to mention was that in order to fake confidence you need to be somewhat good at acting. I cant act.
These are some of the reasons i fail in life, if you have any comment down below.

A random quote of mine- "I could be a wallflower if i tried ,but my unicorn horn makes me stand out front the crowd. Its a blessing and a curse."

Escape - A poem inspired by Thirteen reasons why.

             She was special. Capable of being there and not there at the same time. You see, she was invisible and to be honest she didn't mind all that much. In fact life was quite easy being invisible. No one bothered you and nor did you influence there life in any way.But then people began to take an interest in her. She could no longer conceal herself in the crowd of people. She stuck out like a needle in a hay stack. Places that used to be like heaven were now hell. Places were she could be herself now no longer existed. She could no longer be her.
           And when she would come home ,she would cry all night. yet people couldn't understand why.
All the tears that would stream,
And all the words that she would scream,
Well, no one could hear a word.

Cause although she could be seen,
She would hide in between the cracks,
And it was sad.

But when she would finally decide,
She would no longer cry,
She was gone.

Far away from the world she thought would hold her softly and keep her safe in its warm embrace.

A little poem.

           Existence is an illusion,
Love is obsession its weakest form,
And oblivion.
Well oblivion is the escape from existence,

The journey into reality.

13 things I want to do before I turn 13.

Here are a list of things i want to do before i turn 13 this December.

1) Start a blog. (I can now officially tick this of my list.)

2) Actually watch the titanic the whole way through

3) Watch the little mermaid for the first time.

4) Write a story

5) Learn and execute a hip-hop dance  routine.

6)Learn to dance ( I should probably do this before number 5)

7) Write 10 poems

8) Stop being so awkward (That’s probably not going to happen)

9) Make 10 people laugh or smile in a day.

10) Re -watch mean girls

11) Find a unicorn

12) Walk into class with a snapback on my head and only respond to people's questions in a rap.
Example-  If a teacher would ask :"Anyone know what homeostasis is."
 I would respond with "Homeostasis is my home body homie, homeostasis is my home body homie and he controls all my body regulations for me. word to your hypothalamus." I may or may not have done this before. OK maybe I've done it a couple of times.

13 Throw a pen at someone’s head if they forget their pen the whole week  and then yell “oh look it’s raining pens, maybe you should get a bucket.”
(This ones on the list because it made me laugh and it's probably something I would do.)

Comment down below any other things I should do or tell me if you've done any of these things.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, 10 November 2014

The time I thought I would start a blog.

Spontaneous- adjective
Performed or occurring as a result of a sudden impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus. So I guess you could call this spontaneous right?Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re like: I could climb a mountain, I could join a choir or even I could eat a snake. (If that’s what you’re in to then that’s great).  I've just had one of these moments. Not about the snake thing obviously but about starting a blog. This blog to be exact.
Since I'll soon be turning 13 i thought i might try something different. Something  to do in my spare time in order to get a kick out of it. Something criminal- I’m joking . I’m not going to go around stealing cars or raiding shops anytime soon . But i might just try and be a little more out of the ordinary. Maybe today I'll approach a random person , hand them a rose and then walk away like a boss. Who knows I might just  do it dressed up like a unicorn. That probably sounded strange and It's probably also not going to happen because I’m not that confident.
But I am confident enough to start a blog and let my thoughts be heard through the medium of writing. This blog will consist of my inner most thoughts, stories, poems, advice (yes i am Yoda if you were wondering) and the occasional rant. it really depends on whats going on in my life. So if you want join me  on my journey to find who i am and discover my strengths and blah blah blah. You may.Thanks for reading.

 A random conversation i just thought of.
 Me :Umm excuse me. I really don’t appreciate you talking about unicorns without there consent. 
Random person:Why?
Me: Because i am one,duh.