Sunday, 23 November 2014

A list of Pet Peeves.

I usually like to consider myself as a happy and tolerant person but there are somethings that get on my nerves.

1- Loud, obnoxious gum chewing.
2- Cutting in front in the dinner line without permission.
3- People who involve themselves in conversations of which they shouldn't be involved in
4-People who run in the corridors and intrude on your lesson.
5-Disrespectful people.
6- Hypocrites.
7- People who don't listen but expect to be heard.
8- Loud people on the bus.
9- People who don't sit down on the bus when there are plenty seats for them to sit on.
10- When someone tells you they have a secret but won't tell you.


  1. I loathe people chewing gum loudly, I find it disgusting. Thank you so much for leaving your link on my British Books Challenge but don't forget to do a proper sign-up post as well :) Thanks.

    1. I'll definitely do that but i cant seem to get the British book challenge button on my side bar.

  2. So true, my pet peeve is chewing loudly as well. It ticks me off.

    1. It really is annoying. It's even more annoying when people do it in school during class.