Wednesday, 12 November 2014


The Autumn leaves never looked as beautiful as they do now. The once green leaves now beautiful shades of  brown, red, purple and orange. Scattered upon the colorless pavements. I love how the wind pinches your cheeks and caresses your face as you stand there watching and breathing in the scenery. The trees sway in the gentle wind and the leaves gracefully descend upon the floor tinting the pavements shades of orange and red.
The days are getting colder yet there's still so much warmth. Autumn radiates color and vibrancy enhancing the pulchritude of the streets that wind endlessly. The autumn is  like a messenger, whispering to the world " winters coming, winters coming". If you listen closely enough you can hear the soothing melodic sound travel through the air. Oh how i love to smell the scents of Autumn. Pumpkin ,vanilla, cinnamon and various spices blend together to produce an intoxicating concoction of comfort and passion. It's safe to say i love Autumn.

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