Sunday, 16 November 2014

Dare to dream.

Do you dare to dream,
To exceed all limitations and expectations?
Do you dare to challenge,
The theories and ideas of which we all adhere?
Do you dare to be,
The person you've always wanted to be,
In a society where our hopes and dreams,
Are restricted by past ideologies,
And the cruel,bitter words that so many  have screamed?

Well yes i do dare to dream,
And believe,
And exceed!
I do dare to challenge,
And i will not be silenced.
Yes i do dare to be who i want to be,
Because my friend you see;
I will not let anything limit me.
I will spread my wings,
Exclaim my thoughts,
And then fly free.
Then they will see,
That we don't need to be who they want us to be.
We can succeed,
By our own means,
Because we are free
And nothing can cage us!