Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Escape - A poem inspired by Thirteen reasons why.

             She was special. Capable of being there and not there at the same time. You see, she was invisible and to be honest she didn't mind all that much. In fact life was quite easy being invisible. No one bothered you and nor did you influence there life in any way.But then people began to take an interest in her. She could no longer conceal herself in the crowd of people. She stuck out like a needle in a hay stack. Places that used to be like heaven were now hell. Places were she could be herself now no longer existed. She could no longer be her.
           And when she would come home ,she would cry all night. yet people couldn't understand why.
All the tears that would stream,
And all the words that she would scream,
Well, no one could hear a word.

Cause although she could be seen,
She would hide in between the cracks,
And it was sad.

But when she would finally decide,
She would no longer cry,
She was gone.

Far away from the world she thought would hold her softly and keep her safe in its warm embrace.

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