Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Reasons why i fail at life.

This post was inspired by Superwoman ( Lily Singh) from YouTube. Hope you enjoy.
So why do i fail at life? lets see.

1)      I am incapable of approaching a social situation without being terribly awkward or shy. Example: My mum will introduce me to a friend of hers. The conversation will go a little like this-

Mums friend: Hi . 
Me: (Nothing ,just a blank expression on my face.)
Mums friend: ok how are you?
Me:(stare ). 
Mum's friend- I'm Susana.
Me :Hiimstellanicetomeetyouhowareyoudoingtodayislifegoodhahaha. (Nervous look.)
Mums friend to mum: You have a lovely child here but may i ask why is she staring at me?
Me :(walk away with a possessed look  and a creepy song playing just to freak them out.)

2) Do you see that invisible fly whizzing past the screen? No. I do because i have the worst attention span in the world. Right now i'm typing ,in  second i'm going to be watching TV and then i'm probably going to go hunting for a unicorn. ( don't judge me, it could happen)

     3)I am legitimately the queen of procrastination. It puzzles me how i'm even capable of turning any assignments in. Ill come home from school and ill be like  lets do this thang ( referring to my homework). Ill open up the laptop and then it all goes down hill.  This is usually my thought process.-Maybe ill check YouTube , it'll only be for a second. No i stay on YouTube for hours non stop watching videos. Even make up videos. I don’t even wear makeup. What the asdsdfsfwerthg.
 4)I come so close to achieving but i'm never quite there. Let me give you a little insight into  to my maths class. In a recent maths test i did i got 97 percent. You want to know why. I got one question wrong because stupid over here rubbed out the right answer in order to make it more legible then replaced it with a  completely alternate answer. (Get it alternate. Maths pun.) How does 151 look like 51.  The thing that makes it worse is i checked the test three times and still didn't find a mistake. I must have been focusing on that invisible fly again.

5)I lack confidence. They say that if you fake  having confidence, soon enough you'll be more confident. So basically if you fake it enough you'll be infected by tons of confidence, like a flu caught from that one person who cant cover there mouth when they sneeze. What they forgot to mention was that in order to fake confidence you need to be somewhat good at acting. I cant act.
These are some of the reasons i fail in life, if you have any comment down below.

A random quote of mine- "I could be a wallflower if i tried ,but my unicorn horn makes me stand out front the crowd. Its a blessing and a curse."

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