Monday, 17 November 2014

School is back.

School is now in session and although i am terribly sad my 7 days of doing nothing are over. I'm rather excited to start learning new things.
 Today i hard art as my first lesson, in which i attempted and failed to draw a bird. I settled for an abstract snail in the end. Then i had maths which was good. We were asked the question-
what is 3a+2b
when a=3 and b=6
The answer, being 21 resulted in almost everyone at the same time yelling 21 at the top of their lungs.Laughter inevitably followed.So much laughter.I swear that vine has started a revolution.
Maths was then followed by science/sport. We played football as we were educated on the muscles. I now know 4 types. I being the forgetful person i am failed to recall that we had football on the grass and therefore failed to bring my football boots in. It had rained today so the grass was terribly muddy. I could not walk,nor run.I couldn't even kick the ball. I kept walking around like a 80 year old, which to be honest was quite hilarious.My last lesson was English. I spent  the majority of the lesson writing my story as i had already finished all my work. When the day was over i came home tired, only to realize i had left my trainers at school. I guess i'll just fetch them tomorrow.

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