Friday, 14 November 2014

The first day is the worst.

I remember the time that i started high school. I was young (not to say that i'm not young now), slightly ignorant and very afraid. I was not prepared for what i was about to face. I remember the first day quite vividly. I was dropped of by my brother at school and as i stepped out the car,  the realization that i was going to be entering a new place with almost no friends dawned on me. The anxiety and fear kicked in but i didn't let it show. The worst thing to do is act like you're scared. Almost everyone is scared, so if you act confident( not arrogant) you'll look more approachable and you'll soon begin to make new friends.

 I can recall how i felt about seeing my school for the first time. I just stood there gawping at the gargantuan glass monster before my  eyes.  A million emerald  green eyes stared at me as i cowered beneath the monster they belonged too.I could hear it growl,it was a small purr at first but then it grew into a deafening growl. I was it's prey and it was my predator. Its sharp jagged teeth were ready to chomp down on me. I would be consumed in a split second. Then all of a sudden something happened. no longer did i see an enemy before me. i saw a reflection of myself and i began to realize that i was the enemy. I wasn't willing to give high school a chance because i was judging it by all the rumors and myths people had told me about high school. I was restricting myself from experiencing things on my own due to the influences of the people around me.

When i began to look closer i realized it wasn't that bad. Yeah i had my ups and downs. I still do but High schools a mixture of emotions. And i know no matter how many times i say that i hate high school, at the back of my mind i know i really don't. I would hate to not go to high school and have the ability to immerse myself in the knowledge provided by amazing educators that have a passion for teaching. I'd miss all the opportunities high school provides, the opportunity to make friends and discover talents about yourself that you never even knew you had.

So the next time you find your self dreading the prospect of going to high school just think about all the things you'd be missing out if you didn't go. There are some things i certainly would not miss about high school but they don't have a great amount of influence on my day because i choose to dismiss them. Focus on the more positive things and you'll find yourself loving high school a little bit more. After all, time does tend to fly by and before you know it, you'll be the next Lord Sugar or Einstein.


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    1. Hi Libbie. Thanks for commenting. High school really does have a way of evoking emotions and memories.