Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Guest post

Hello fellow reader, how do you do?

Today I will be sharing a guest post with you brilliantly written by the amazing Rachel from  Golden Ducklings
So, here we go.


Her yellow eyes,
The orb of the night 
Shone upon her wired locks
Veiled with grey dust and rusty coppers.

Strangled by the wrist,
My pulse pumping, halting, stinging.
Gone breathes, suffocating, I plead and beg for
People of mine to salvage the wreck she has become.

Slyly, impishly she schemes.
Whispers, into the dreams 
That were before that night,
Her bones, crumbling with please. 

The jaunty woman skips through
long murky blades of grass,
The twilight is her shadow,
Hauling strands of mine and poise.

Deranged and mad,
She cannot stop,
Albeit she stops those from afar,
Those whom deliver me from doom and fog.

Flinging me to and fro,
She screams.'I can't, I can't', I plead.
My cries are loud, but hers are peaking.

Howling, bawling, bleeding,
We hath been wounded with her 
High-pitched glares and foggy breath.
Gruesome contemplation worsens it.

Her yellow eyes,
The orb of the night, 
Her inflection, it wasn't heard, 
But the eyes, they, they told me all.


  1. I like her blog been following it for months :)
    This is a nice poem :D

    1. I totally agree. Her poetry is so good.

  2. Replies
    1. I commented on your About Me page a while sometime last week... check it out!

  3. Thank you for posting this! And I'm loving the new layout! xx

    1. Your welcome, it was an amazing piece of poetry and thank you.

  4. this is so lovely i am following your blog, please follow back. thank you