Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The fun we find in youth

Alternatively titled- The time I ruined your childhood and things to tell a child to make them despise you forever.

"The illusion's shattered but I'll smile nevertheless, for the things my childhood provided, I will never forget.- me

The day when you finally realize that...

 *The moon isn't made of cheese

*The tooth fairy is totally conning you and paying you considerably less for your teeth.

*The monsters under your bed don't really exist

 *Santa is just some random dude who dresses in red, eats way too many mince pies, probably needs to shave but has a heart of gold and a gift for giving.

*Toddler gobbledygook (ok stop, so word check classifies gobbledygook a as an actual word but apparently my last name is in some sort of alien language. Really ?) can't be translated and you start to  wonder how 3 year olds seem to understand each other. Do you think they're teaming up against us, the babies? With their confusing codes and gibberish language?

*All those times you were promised ice cream if you ate your veg, was just a ruthless ploy to get you to eat the stupid green stuff. ( not that I'm holding a grudge *laughs awkwardly and stabs the broccoli on her plate*)

*Becoming a rainbow unicorn princess isn't actually an occupation.

*Peter pan isn't really young forever and he's just really short, uses anti ageing cream, stays fit and has a team of plastic surgeons on hand at all times.

*Nursery rhymes aren't lyrical pieces of gold and you begin to query why they fed you these songs as a child.( Can we start a trend to revamp these rhymes. You know, get Sia or some cool hip song writer to create some new sick rhymes) I can't believe I just used the word sick.

*This show needs bringing back the time when you can fully appreciate how fun it was to be young .

Monday, 23 February 2015

What I've been loving recently

This song

And this video

This book

This quote
By Nelson Mandela
Watching YouTube videos




Drinking tea

Singing at the top of my lungs

Dancing horribly and getting lost in the music

Being me

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Fiction Friday- If you should ever encounter me part 2

Part 2

Click here for part 1
   P.S I'm Sorry Drew

It was the summer of last year that I  had truly realized how awkward I was. After countless failed attempts to shield myself from the beings that roamed my suburban neighborhood, I found myself captive to their alien ways. After that, there's only so much you can do to persuade someone that you're lack of social skills is in fact a rare talent and not a serious issue. Inevitably they'll stop believing you and begin forcing you to broaden your horizons or constantly remind you that life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  Well if my comfort zone consists of  a good book, free WiFi, snacks and a computer, I don't think I'll see myself  moving from there any time soon.

But mother and father had other ideas. That was  the summer that I was to break out of my metaphorical shell, I say metaphorical because I am not a shrimp nor a snail nor a turtle. But now thinking about it, I think I'd quite like a shell. Maybe a pink one with purple detailing and blue sparkles and... that's not the point at all. I was perfectly content being the awkward child that I was, yet my parents weren't. I presume it stemmed from the time I made Drew Rogers cry. The spring of 2012.

 Drew was a small thing, a cross between a micro pig and a stick insect. (Although I doubt that combination would ever happen) He was pale, skinny, surprisingly athletic. But I had managed to break him. I had truly broken him that April. Drew was also a very social child and I wish he hadn't been. He'd have probably survived the encounter if he wasn't so intent on talking to me. If he wasn't so stupidly social. So when he arrived at my door step for my 11th birthday party with his smile plastered on his freckled face, conversation threatening to spew out of his chapped lips. He became a casualty to my awkward ways.

What do you think of the story so far?

Monday, 16 February 2015

Guest Post- How to pull off a selfie

How to Pull Off a Selfie.

So you've taken a photo of yourself (shamefully), tried to hide your arms to look like you have a personal photographer, edited the crap out of it, and now you have to post it to the world to prove that in certain moments, with certain poses, with certain filters, you actually don't look like a total potato. Even though you look like a beautiful, majestic creature in it, you still have to come up with a good caption.
There are a couple options you can choose to pull off the selfie.
Option 1: Ignoring the fact that you just posted a selfie, and your Instagram is already 40% selfies. Ignore the content of your picture completely and write about a time where you experienced your first sandwich. "It stared at me, playing hard to get. I was shy. Did it know how much I thought about it? The bread and meat combination was frightening yet... alluring. I was scared. I didn't know if I was ready. But I took a bite of that sandwich. It was okay. #MyFirstSandwich"
Option 2: Putting a lot of hashtags to disguise the fact that you posted a selfie. "#Selfie#Fun#HumanGirl#Ugly#JustKidding#Pretty#Summer2k15#ItsActuallySpring#Hashtag#Beyonce#2Kool4Skool#YoureAWizardHarry#Bagels"
Option 3: Completely accepting the fact that you just took a selfie. "This is actually 1 out of the 47 photos I took of myself this morning. I added 8 filters so you can't even tell I'm the same person let alone an actual human. #HeresMyFace"
Option 4: Use music lyrics. Choose your favorite lines from any screamo band. There's no need to cite the actual band, everyone will just know that those are song lyrics and not your thoughts. "AHAHHAGHAGHAGAGHAAGGAGAAHAHHAHAHA I KICK BABIES AND HATE CHOCOLATE AGHAGAHGAGAGGAGAGAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
Now if those tips don't get you hundreds of likes, I don't know what would.
If you liked these tips, check out for more riveting and extremely helpful advice.

I second that, definitely go check out some more posts.
I hope you enjoyed this guest post by the amazing Viviane.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Blogging- The reason why I blog

I remember my first post. I was 12 and it was during the school break. Being the nocturnal creature I am, I was wide awake watching videos on YouTube. I had always really wanted to start a blog but during that November I was really inspired to start. That was the month I had really gotten into poetry and writing and the art of spoken word poetry. I grew attached to the phrases and words beautifully spoken by the likes of Sarah Kay and Shane Koyczan. I wrote poems in abundance but realized that I had no way to share them. I didn't want my poems and ideas to just sit and collect dust. And that was when I found out about blogging.

Sometimes I can't control the ideas in my mind. At times they just won't stop pestering me. I'm a person that over analyses every situation and dwells on past occurrences and cringey moments. I don't think I ever stop thinking. That night that I decided to share my first post. I was excited and nervous. I was finally going to start a blog. But what if no one read it? What if they hated my content? What if people I knew ridiculed me about it? I didn't sleep that night. I realized how much I was over analyzing it and I continued posting. I was obsessed with blogging. Sometimes I would post five times a day.

But I realize that's not the point of this post. The honest truth to why I blog is..... it has given me a voice. I'm a very shy and awkward person in real life. I don't like to share what I really think in situations that require my input. I'm quite content just nodding and saying yes. I wish I would speak my mind more and stretch out of my comfort zone. And I keep telling myself I will but I don't. Blogging has enabled me to be the person I see myself striving to be in real life . Behind this computer lies a quirky thirteen year old just trying to get through high school. In my head I hold so many views on things I don't share in my ordinary life.

 Blogging isn't just my hobby. It's my home away from home. It's the place where I can say the things I want to. Where I feel no judgment and pressure to write a certain way or do certain things. I feel my voice is valued. And I want to thank all you readers for taking the time and reading my posts and giving me your input. I am so thankful that I started blogging and found so many other people who enjoy reading and writing blog posts the same way I do.

If you blog, is there any reason as to why?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How to celebrate Valentines day

Will you be my valentine?                        
Maybe you'll say no.
But I'm really hoping for a yes,
don't think I'll get it though.

This valentines day is going to be EPIC. You know why? Because Stella over here is going to share some tips with you. full proof and guaranteed to make an amazing valentines day.

How to celebrate valentines day, the star girl way

1-Buy some chocolate. Buy it.Smell it. Or just stare at it. Fill yourself with the happiness that is chocolate.

2-Get some animals because their company beats the one of humans. ( I'm joking hahaha, *awkwardly adverts her head away from the screen*)

 3- Have a dance party. You turn up that music and you bust those moves.

 4- Know that you can spend it alone if you choose. You're just too much of an amazing unicorn for all these other mere muggles and everyone should stop thinking that you're lonely.

5- Pretend your Beyonce...or not. Probably not.

6- Write a list of all the things you love about yourself.

7-  Raid your local store and acquire all the tubs of Ben and Jerry's that you can get.

8- If all else fails maybe this will help. Sit down, make a hot beverage and just think. Think about all the people that you value and love and also know that they love you too. Oh and

So there it is. Eight things that you can do to make an amazing valentines day.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Say yes to difference- let's start a campaign.

I am me  and you are you. Even if you're one of many Meghans or Sophies or Bobs, you are a sole individual. And that's something quite spectacular- Individuality. The ability to be unique. You see, we're all different, and I know that you've probably heard this a million times but it's true and that's why everyone goes on about it so much. Being different is vital as individuals. It's how we stand out from the crowd and it's what makes us special. Being different isn't wrong. Wearing pink when everyone else wears green isn't wrong. Liking classical music when everyone else likes pop music isn't wrong. Not being able to do a cartwheel or straddle vault( as much as your PE teachers pester you to try and assure you that it's easy when it's not) isn't wrong. Reading when everyone else watches TV isn't wrong. The things you do that separate you from others aren't wrong. Whats wrong to me is changing who you are. Changing the things you do to what is seen as right in the eyes of peers with distorted views of perfection and being normal.

It feels like in high school there are so many people trying to be someone they're not. Attempting to fit in the crowd... and at what cost? They sell the one thing that makes them who they are. They sell their differences, trading them in for some false practices: You must act this way and talk this way and only socialize with the people in your clique. You mustn't seem to smart or be too into sports if  you are a girl. Make sure to be extra manly if you're a boy, never show emotion.Oh and don't forget to put others down while your at it. Make sure to make them feel insignificant and wrong for being different. There are way too many people that I see changing and molding themselves to fit in.

And what I want to say is that you don't ever have to change if you don't need nor want to. Don't let anyone influence the way you act and don't let anyone bring you down. You are you and I am I. With all my weird quirks, imperfections,strange habits and fears. I'm Stella at heart.

Be different, be proud. Be the best version of you there is. Strive for the things you want to strive for but remember to never trade the real you.
If you want to read more of my ranting click here.

This isn't a project H post because I'm taking a small break for a couple of days but I really wanted to post this because I wanted to share my views.  I want you to share your views as well on what being different means to you. If you're a blogger write a post. I want people to talk about their differences and be proud of them . I want people to voice their opinions on conformism and popularity. So let's share our views, I would love it if you'd share this post and give your opinion.

Friday, 6 February 2015

There's this tree...

How do you do Mr Tree?

I've been staring outside my window for the past ten minutes. The cup of tea I've made is cold and the huge pile of homework to my right just doesn't seem to be going down.

There's this tree a couple meters in front of our house. It's been there for some years now. I see it sway through the slits in the blinds and I realize how much I've grown to like this particular tree. You see:

Mr Tree is a humble old thing,
He wears this green jacket,
And smiles in the spring.
It's not that often that you'll hear him speak,
But he's still the nicest tree you'll ever meet,
And he likes the breeze,
When the Autumn comes,
But he'd much prefer the summer's sun.

I know this isn't a fiction Friday post but I didn't want to share a poorly written part 2 of my story. So instead I came up with this.

 Have you ever grown attached to an inanimate object before or is it just me?

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Is beauty really only skin deep?

Disney channel taught me something. Now I don't often watch this channel anymore but I was scrolling through the shows and stumbled across Girl meets world.  The episode  I was watching focused on a debating challenge in which the upcoming topic was - Is beauty only skin deep? The show navigated it's way through some key events and finally ended with this amazing debate in which this point was made.
For some reason I couldn't have the actual video on this post which sucks but there's a link to the video here. The video
 And if you haven't already read my poem about beauty click here to check it out.
So what's your opinion?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Change? and project H

It's February, let's have some change.

I know, I know. I'm sorry.
As you can probably tell this isn't my usual set up but I wanted some change. And I know it was only a few weeks ago since I changed my blog design but I wasn't quite feeling then night writer's dairy.
I remember coming up with that name rather quickly and without thinking too much about it. I liked it for the first couple months but now..... Now I want some change.

So from here forward my new blog title is A night full of riots.  The name seemed cool and I felt as if it kind of describes what goes on in my mind. At night my mind is alive with with ideas that refuse to cease.  I want my blog to be more of a representation of me. I want it to be simple, I want it to focus more on the heart of the blog; the content. I want it to be me. I've been tweaking this design for the last week and I've got it to a stage where I'm pleased with my results.

And wait there is more change. My new blogging schedule will now go according to the following
Monday- Project H
Wednesday- Anything
Friday - Fiction Friday.
Except for this post obviously.

Due to the end of my school year coming soon and the inevitable end of year exams, this schedule will allow me to manage my homework and revision but also give me enough time to blog.

So now for project H-  A playlist of smiles

For this week, create a playlist of the songs that make you happy. I will be making mine and hopefully sharing it with you guys next week. So go forth and find those songs.

But before you guys leave, you must know of this epic event that's soon taking place. You've heard of the Oscars right? Well let me introduce you to the Blogscars. I shall tell you no more than this- It is legen.................wait for it............dary. So make sure to check out that link.

Now excuse me whilst I go dig up all my revision books and crumpled notes and try to understand how to balance equations. * Sigh*