Friday, 6 March 2015

The fangirl effect

A.K.A. The  6 stages of celebrity obsession

Are you a fangirl/boy? Do you ever wonder how much of said fangril/boy you are? Does this sound like the introduction of a really bad informercial on your TV?.  If so, I strongly urge you to read on.
Get ready because things are about to get real up in here. No I'm being legitimately serious,  Here are the 6 stages of celebrity obsession.

Stage one:  The Acknowledgement
When you first realize that celebrity exists. The first time you see them in a magazine, or in a TV show or movie.

Stage two: The Liking
The stage where you begin to develop a liking towards the celebrity. Whether it be their style or their smile. Or their dancing or singing. Or maybe the fact that their just so dang huggable.
E.g Winnie the pooh because he's #fierce

 And yes, Winnie is a celebrity, he's right up there with Beyoncé.

Stage 3: The General Concern
So by this point you've established that you like this celebrity. And like any developing stalker, I mean fan you want to know a little more about this person. How old they are, where they come from. Where they live, if they have any cats, their number, address. Maybe who their parents are or their ancestors or their blood type, hair type, accurate skin shade. Favourite perfume, favourite song. If they like chicken or not. You know just the normal stuff.

Stage 4:   The update
hmm I wonder what their doing now? I wonder what their eating? Maybe they have an instagram. ooh maybe they have twitter or Facebook or vine. The update. The stage where you insist you must keep up to date with what's going on in their lives.

Stage 5: The Obsession
Things just got serious. Like really really serious. This picture speaks more than words will ever do.

Not mine
Pffft, what would ever make you think I'm obsessed?

Stage 6: The Beast
Scientists call this stage the Optimandetif ( yes I am a scientist, not a legal one but still a scientist. Ok so maybe I'm not a scientist) The Optimandetif is the act of  ultimate fangirling. The definite presence of an obsession towards another being or thing. Once stage 6 is reached you may experience:
a. internal screaming
b. way too many feels

(Roar Translates to - Guurrrl you better back off.)

And this now concludes the fangirl effect, now go forth and spread the word. 

I hope you enjoyed my in depth analysis of the fangril effect. Which stage are you at?


  1. I thought Pooh was above Beyonce :P
    Felt it right in the humour XD
    Even the puny muggles would enjoy this :P

    1. Thank you Neal. And dear old Pooh bear is slowly edging above Beyonce. His new single is coming out, it's called #Christopher Robin and his rapping is flawless. Beyonce has got her work cut out.

  2. That was soo funny!!!

  3. Replies
    1. I know. He's just so asfhjkjhgfds.

  4. Beyonce's been slacking these days. Shes got nothing on Pooh!


  6. Aww I really enjoyed reading and I mean Winnie the pooh is probably one of the cutest celebrities ever!

    1. Thank you and yes Pooh is definitely one of the cutest celebrities ever. Who else can look as sweet as Pooh?

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  8. This post is absolutely perfect. <3

  9. Winnie!
    <3 This post is amazing.

    xxJordan Sky

  10. Great post! *slowly enters Stage 6*

    1. Hahaha(it's strange trying to convey laughter through writing) Thank you.

  11. Ye um just saying that because I'm slightly obsessed with leondre devries (as alot of girls are ) I'm not a stalker ❕😖