Friday, 17 April 2015

The Girl I owe An Apology To

 I have some things to day,so here I go.

Today I introduce you to Viviane- The girl I owe an apology to. If you haven't heard of Viviane, she blogs over at Barely Adult which is an awesome blog. She's even done a guest post on my blog. It's the one about selfies, if you were wondering and wanted to check out her post. 

 And I owe Viviane an apology. If you haven't noticed, recently I've been trying out a more humorous approach to my posts. I've also been kind of blind. You see, Viviane does these amazingly funny posts on her blog and it's what makes her so epic. But I think I've been making my posts too similar to hers without even realizing it. So in this post I'm going to point out some of those. 

1) How to get a guy- A recent post of mine similar to her post How To Attract Guys.
I promise this was an unintentional thing.
I'm sorry Viviane.

2) A Letter To Beyonce similar to her post Why Ellen DeGeneres should adopt me.
So reading her post back now I realize how similar they sound and I am so sorry. I did not realize this at the time of writing them.

And the references to chicken were just a coincidence, I can't explain that. My friends and I talk about that all the time, I think chicken just might be highly popular in today's society.

So Viviane, my deepest, most awkward apologies.
I shall now offer you this image-


  1. With that image I can't see how can someone not accept your apology :P

    1. It's the cutest turtle I've ever seen. Saying that, I've only ever seen like one turtle but I'm sure this has to be the cutest.

  2. Thanks so much! You're so beyond nice. Apology definitely accepted

    1. I'm so glad. Thank you for accepting my apology.

  3. Awh. I guess we subconsciously imitate other people's good ideas every now and then. They just write such lovely pieces and we'd love to write one similar as our own. They were very funny posts though ;)

    The Life of Little Me

  4. That was such a cute apology! Sometimes when we see something we really like we try and do the same too, if not as good as it then atleast something like it. It's okay though :)

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

  5. She should be flattered. Imitating someone is always a compliment.


  6. That was so sweet of you, Stella! It can be quite easy to imitate, or even outright copy, someone else and not even know you're doing it. I do my best to avoid it now, but I used to do it by mistake allll the time... Kudos to you for publicly giving Viviane such a nice apology! Who would turn down a turtle like that. :)

  7. Your blog is so fantastic! i've only just discovered it, and i'm happy i did. :D
    -sofia, stars unseen