Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Little Brown House On Humble Street

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It was the second of April 1978 when they finished building the little brown house. On the second day of every approaching months a new flower would bloom on its vines, the lights would flicker on through the white, lace curtains and Mrs Ambelton would leave her house. Mrs Ambelton was a woman of mystery. Seldom would she speak or venture out, but you were guaranteed a sighting of her on the second day of every month.

My friends used to tell me stories about her. Everyone had a different tale to tell. Ellis swore she was some sort of which doctor or mad scientist and had a lair in her basement. Penelope said that she was a spy and Mrs Ambelton was just a cover for her real identity. I on the other hand didn't have a story. She was Mrs Ambelton and that was all there was too it. There was no lair, no secret identity and no witchery. She was simply another neighbour. But that autumn things changed. Mrs Ambelton moved out and things got a little weird in the neighbourhood.

For a start the neighbourhood cat, Mr Lincoln( proudly named by Ellis himself ) went a little nuts. He started crushing garden gnomes and scratching at people's doors. I suppose he didn't take it to well that Mrs Ambelton had left. She'd always provided him with an abundance of food. Every Friday At 8 am she'd open a window ever so slightly so Lincoln could squeeze his way through. She'd place a bowl of food on the table near it and each time at exactly 8:15  Lincoln would climb his way through the window and eat the food. The routine was frighteningly accurate and consistent . All this mingling with Mrs Ambelton led Penelope to believe the cat was in cahoots with her.

Then they started to build this factory across the street. Wenders, that's what they were calling it. They built it near the park and the little sweet shop Penelope's parents owned. When the winter came that year construction stopped for a while and the sweet shop was the fullest it had ever been. Penelope's parents closed their shop soon after, despite the busy winter. Business was slow in the summer with the factory around and fully operating.

I think the weirdest of all happened when the Billards moved in on the 6th of June 1989. It was during the peak of a brilliant summer. Mother said the Billards were bad news and warned me to stay away, but that afternoon Ellis and I decided we would do a little spying.

So what do you think? I really hope you enjoyed reading it and I'd love it if you could comment your thoughts on it. Thank you for reading.

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  1. it was really good :) I loved the setting and you should definitely continue :)