Sunday, 14 June 2015

Because I'm a hypocrite

I'm a complete and utter hypocrite. I do not intend to sugar coat it or shine any sort of glorified light upon this fact. 
I'm a hypocrite.

In the hypothetical scenario that we should ever meet and I begin bombarding you with a plethora of motivational quotes; do not listen to me. I probably don't know what I'm on about and I may or may not just be quoting Dora. 

I'll tell you to follow your dreams and be whoever you want to be. I'll tell you to loose yourself in whatever you feel passionate about. I'll tell you to forget about the world and the people who want to hurt you. I'll tell you not to worry about them, they shouldn't have an affect on you. I'll go on about the value of life and how you should treasure it. I'll assure you that you're amazing and that you'll be the next Beyonce of the world. 

I'll make sure that you understand how important it is to make a difference in this world. I'll nag at you constantly about trying your hardest. I'll tell you not to say rude things and to stop judging people. I'll tell you to stop swearing or believing in stereotypes. I'll tell you to not be afraid. I'll encourage you to trust in people. I'll go on about how you can never truly love someone unless you love yourself. I'll insist that if you fake confidence enough you'll become confident. I'll tell you that it's ok to cry sometimes and get angry at nothing. I'll tell you to believe that the present holds something greater than what you see on the surface. I'll tell you that you shouldn't conform to any expectations you think that you have to conform to. I'll tell you that you shouldn't care about your looks either and I'll constantly preach about it...because I'm a hypocrite.

It's easier to say things than do them. It's easier to tell people to do what you know is right, than do it yourself.
I am a hypocrite, there's not much to it.


  1. I can kind of relate to this. Sometimes I tell people things. They are things that I know to be true. But sometimes I myself still have a hard time doing them and believe them. I guess, I'm telling them just as much as I'm telling myself. Often times I end up meeting someone who is facing something similar to what I'm facing or have faced. So I tell them these truths that I know; it's fresh in my mind because I am still trying to put into practice myself. I'm a work in progress, just like they are. And sometimes I wish I had someone to encourage me and tell me these things instead of me figuring out for myself and trying to work through it alone. So I guess, it's not a completely bad thing if you, yourself, are honestly trying to do better those areas of life also.

  2. We're all hypocrites just telling other hypocrites to do what we aren't doing, aren't we? Well, for once in our life, let's create Anti-Hypocrite day, a day when we tell each other exactly what we do, what we wish we could do, and what we believe we should do. Where we preach what we do and not what we say we're doing. Will the world turn to chaos? Probably.