Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Dictionary Of Me

Hello beautiful human beings. How's life?
The new school year started only yesterday, which means a new year of having no one understand a word I say. It's understandable really, I say random stuff frequently and it tends to come out in a jumbled up mess. Most of these words don't even exist and I know a lot of people don't understand me ( if you're one of these people, open up a word document now and prepare to take notes). So here is a list of 7 totally fake and ridiculous words that I use on a daily basis. Oxford Dictionary ain't got nothing on me bro!!!

1)Wua? ( pronounced wha)
Used to convey confusion. E.g-  "Wua? I don't understand" or "Wait wua you took the last cookie?"

2) Natoday ( pronounced not today)
Used to show disapproval and the unwillingness to do something.  For example- In response to handing out the books, Susie yelled "Natoday miss, Natoday."

3) Howuduwain?
Often accompanied by this move.
This one's pretty self explanatory. How you doing?

Pronounce exactly like its spelling. It's a word used to question someones intellect in a stupid moment or to show total disbelief. E.g. Roger told Susie he was stupid and in response she yelled "Relle? says the guy who thought 9 plus ten was windowsill."

Just a slight interruption- Who the hell is this Susie girl I keep mentioning? I've got to come up with some better names. Dequangela sounds good right?

5) Arghhhhh
 This one is more of a sound than a word. I imagine it sounds kind of like a distressed Chewbacca and this dude mixed together.

It's used for those moments when you just can't. 
Yeah, I've used this video once already. Come at me!!! Seriously though, it never gets old.

6) Lemebe (le-me-be)
 Used when you want someone to leave you alone or get off your back. Often used in conjunction with arghhhhhhhhhhh.
E.g. Arghhhhhh leemebe Dequangela, gosh you're so strict.

7) Fudge muffins
 I don't actually use it, I just thought it sounded cool.
Those are some of the many words I've included in my vocabulary. Comment some words that you think should be actual words found in dictionaries.
I'm out.


  1. I use arggghhhh wayyyy too much too :) I relate to this post so much ^-^ And yeah, fudge muffins is great.

  2. Wua...? I thought 9 plus ten was 21...?

    But my mom and I do the Wendy Williams "how you doin?" thing all the time and it annoys my dad so much xP

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  3. I love this, it's hilarious! I do the "How you doin" and my best friend hates it XD


  4. I think "asdfghjkl" should we a word because it makes so much sense when you type it but when I'm having a conversation and I feel frusttrated, people look like I'm possessed. asdfghljlkh;l!