Sunday, 5 July 2015


British weather is highly deceptive 
A post in which I complete a tag and complain about British weather.

It doesn't feel like summer.
Although according to the seasons and google it's meant to be. It's sunny and hot that's for definite but it just doesn't feel like summer. It doesn't taste like strawberry Popsicle and ice cold lemonade. It doesn't feel like tie dye t-shirts and denim shorts or sun tan lotion and sea salt. It doesn't smell like ocean waves and Hollister body spray or embody the beach vibes like loose beach curls and extortionately priced vanilla ice creams do. It just doesn't feel like summer to me.

Like a T-Rex at the zoo or an Eskimo in Hawaii, summer is foreign to me. The whole concept of sunshine and anything other than aggressive gale force winds is totally incomprehensible. Okay so maybe that's a slight exaggeration,but you get the point.

With that said here are my answers to the teen summer tag. Which is quite ironic considering I've just said it doesn't feel like summer. Hahahah, well this is awkward.

1) Is it summer where you live?
Umm. Define what you mean by summer. Summer as in sun bathing ostriches or a confusing mix between extreme heat and intense rainfall? 

2) What is your favorite part of the summer time?
Sitting in English class for what seems like an eternity, slowly roasting to death whilst I attempt to write a paragraph on the authors use of metaphors to create a vivid sense of imagery.

3)Do you have any summer traditions?
Sitting in English class and roasting to death whilst I attempt to write a paragraph on the authors use of metaphors to create a vivid sense of imagery. Shout out to Alfred Tennyson, my boooooooy!!!!

4) Name your number one song.


if ever in a awkward situation where you've accidentally waved to a stranger, a nae nae could be your savior.

5)What is your most memorable memory of the summer, ever?
 I could tell you it was the summer I spent bonding with my family...or I could say Ice cream.  And I really do love ice cream.

6)One blog you currently can't get enough of!

7) Give your top blogging tip, even if you're a newbie. What do you want people to know?
Turtles can be violent little things, do not approach them with peanut butter. Nah I'm just kidding (but seriously take the advice) my real tip would be to just have fun with it. Be stupid. Be crazy. Be anything. 

8) If you could travel anywhere this summer, where would it be and why?
Neverland, I've heard they have great food there.

9)What is your favorite accessory to wear in the warm weather?
My school uniform. It's just got that summer couture vibe, you know? Nothing says I'm ready for summer than an almost all black uniform and extremely heavy school bag.

10) Set one goal to challenge yourself this summer. 

I've got to start reading.

So whom do I tag?
Every single sapien reading this. Which means you.
I hope you enjoyed the tag ya'll.


  1. Yassss, summer weather in England sucks at the moment - such a relatable post!


    1. Yasssss, someone who can relate. I'm pretty sure mother nature has it in for England.

  2. Haha you're funny, and so is Melissa McCarthy. It may be England weather there, but down here in the southern hemisphere it's freaking freezing.

    I've tagged you in the TMI tag (another one just for you). Please check it out x

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thank you, and as for the cold, you may need to consider creating a sort of sun dance. I'm basically the cause of summer in England even though I dance like a sub optimal street dancing grasshopper. I say the worse the dance the more the sun. And thank you for tagging me, I can't wait to do it..

  3. I never knew the British summer was so drastically different. Enlightening and hilarious post! :)