Friday, 14 August 2015

12 Things I've Learn't From Pitbull

I haven't posted for a while now but finally I'm back with a new post. Leggo!!

Warning :This post contains excessive amounts of sacrcasm but I mean no harm.

1) Sometimes it's okay not to use the letter 'G'
Whether you're growin', flowin', slippin', or runnin', all of these  words can do without.

2) If you fall whilst reaching for the stars, at least you'll fall on top ofthe world.
However I do doubt the relaibility of that statement, he does then go on to use a doube negative later on in the song and we all know how confusing double negatives can get.


3) It is possible to fly.
Look up at the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane?  No it's just Pitbull and ain't a damn thing changed.

If Pitbull can fly guys, then so can you.

4) You only ever really need to know how to count to four in Spanish.
And if anyone ever questions you on the valididty of this statement do not hesitate to steal their shoes and run away. I mean morally it's incorrect but it does makes for a smooth get away.

5) One should always formally introduce themselves before any song.
Whether your names Maximus Illinois , Rodrigo Dauntez or Spartan- the ruler of mere mortals, one should always state before singing.

6)It is never good to litter
So pick it up, pick it up, pick it up. No seriously though, pick it up.
Or I might just have to ring you up.

7)if your rents late TURN UP!!!!!
Even if you've been aware a week in advance.

8)It is acceptable to use the word peeps for rhyming purposes.
But then again Pitbull did on one occasion rhyme Kodak with Kodak, so it might be a risky move.

9)If you ask for advice you get money twice.
Another statement that I highly doubt the reliability off.

10)You should never play games with Pitbull.
"Cause you will lose yeah."

So I guess Scrabble's out of the picture right?

11) Usher doesn't lie. or rather in his words - Usher don't lie
Just like Shakira's hips, Usher doesn't all. And you better believe it.

12) We might not get tomorrow.
Out of all of Pitbull's lessons I think this is the most important to remember, and it's a reminder that you should live your life to the fullest.

That's it ya'll, 12 things I've learn't from Pitbull himself. I think I can now take on the world.




    1. Hahaha. I'd offer you a hand but then again this is the internet and that's practically impossible.