Saturday, 5 September 2015

An 80's Chick

I wanna be an 80's chick. A girl of the totally tubular era:
The large hooped earrings, shoulder pads, perms and ray bans.
I've always wanted to live in the 80's. There's just something about the side ponytail and penny loafer that gets me every time. You see, the 80's had this sort of eccentricity to it. Although I'm almost 99 percent sure that the teens of the following decades will surely feel the same about our era, the 80s seemed to embody the word itself.
 If the 80s were a person, she'd be something of a gem. She'd be Saturday.Vibrant. A social butterfly with rainbow hair and slitted eyebrows. She'd be the wind in her hair, road trip kind of girl. The girl with the mismatched neon socks and giant pink bow in her pixie cut hair. She'd be bubble gum lip gloss or passion fruit tea. A girl with utter confidence. She'd be the lyrics to a Cindy Lauper song or Belinda Carlisle. She'd be strawberry popping candy or grape laffy taffy and rainbow nerds. She'd be the beating heart of a free spirit.

I can imagine myself living in the 80s. On the outskirts of New York City in a suburban neighborhood. Dancing my way through countless tracks on countless albums in my poster covered room. Snacking on fruit gushers, cool ranch Doritos and jello pudding pops. Probably slurping agressively at the remains of my Hi-C Ecto Cooler. Hanging out with the neighborhood kids on our Pogo boards whilst we chat about trivial issues and oreos.

I've come to realise that my love of the 80s is what some would call a slight obsession ( or alternatively a semi butt crazy infatuation). I  say slightly as I have not yet filled the dimensions of my house with an abundance of 80s memorabilia. That on the other hand would be a serious obsession and would potentially require the aid of a health care practitioner ( I honestly didn't know what this term meant until 2 minutes ago when I had to google it.)

And so the 80's is where I wish to reside, dressed in neon windbreakers, penny loafers and parachute pants. A weird combination I admit, but then again who would want to be normal.
The 80's were all about rocking what you wanted to wear.


  1. I think you could pull it off. :) I mean, eras seem to repeat themselves, they come and go. You could totally bring the 80s back if you wanted. It'd probably end up coming back eventually anyways. XD

    1. AWWWWW SHUCKS Ashley. Thank you, you have more faith in me than I will ever do. I'd love it if the 80's came back, I'd be one of the firsts to whip out a pair of penny loafers.