Saturday, 7 November 2015

Why The World Scares Me

I hadn't planned on writing this but I find myself going deeper than I should sometimes.
So excuse the many errors that may present themselves here.

It's funny how everything just seems so normal to us. How we've become such a tolerant world that we can no longer see the warning signs. It's like we're our own worst enemies yet we're perfectly fine with it. 

I don't like the fact that I'm scared of  the world. I don't like knowing that war exists or that racism still occurs, or that sexual and domestic abuse is still a prominent thing and slavery still exists. I don't like knowing that I have no control over stopping any of these things and it scares me more than it's ever done before.

It was only somewhere between the ages of 9 and 11 that I learn't that the world wasn't the world I'd dreamt it to be. It was no longer a world where becoming a fashion designer/astronaut/ journalist was a thing. It was no longer a place where shooting stars granted wishes or ponies and unicorns existed in physicality and not just in figments of my dreams. It was somewhere where I no longer felt safe. A place where race could determine status and make you a subject to police brutality. Where being a girl somehow made you weak or bossy and where being to feminine made you gay or girly. It was somewhere where I didn't want to be.

And there was no one else to blame it on other than society, right? This great big beast lurking in the background, screwing with the everyone. Blaming it on a concept rather than something feasible gave me something that validated my hatred. To me society was this tyrannical creature dictating social standards and our mindsets, and I believed this for the longest time. Then I started taking sociology at school and I realised that we are society. We are this great tyrannical beast dictating the things that happen. Yet we continue allowing it to happen constantly. We adopt these ideas in our minds and they become almost like second nature to us. We see them as right and then we carry it on to other generations knowing that it's wrong. But it's what we're accustomed to. We are the product of experiences and actions around us. It's not until we change ourselves that we actually make a large enough impact to stop these things.

You know, I used to think that one person could make a change?  But I lost faith in that real quick. It kind of feels like a stupid idea now, thinking that maybe someday the world could change just because one person said so. I used to believe that somehow one person could alter 7 billion people. Bu that's no longer feasible any more. One person can't change the mindset of a person who insists on subjecting someone to racial inequality. One person can't stop modern slavery or sexual abuse. One person can't stop homophobia or gender inequality. One person can't just stop all the damage we're causing to the environment, because let's be honest here, there's 7 billion other people to undo that change.

Sometimes I think how much easier it would be if children ruled the world. There'd be no social political disputes. No war or crimes and we'd all just see life through adolescent and innocent eyes. But sometimes I can't help but think that we'd end up turning into what we are today. I mean, is it just human nature that we do these things? Is it just human nature that a person actively tries to inflict harm upon another? Is it just human nature to kill someone because of their race? Is it just human nature to be so unbelievably inhumane?  Because I'm beginning to think so.


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    1. I mean the really cool magical ones with rainbow manes. You know what I mean woman!!

  2. The world scares me too, girl, and I think that this post is amazing in that it is so, so true-- whether we want to believe it or not.

    1. Thank you Devanshi. It really is a frightening prospect.