Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sunday Sessions- volume 1: Diary Extracts

In which you too can join me in a whirlpool of deep thoughts and gradual insanity.
And I'd apologise for the terrible picture quality but it'd be stupid because an apology insinuates that I'm going to try rectify it and I'm not. This is what you're getting chums.

"Everyone's a madman."

 I'm not too fond of this world. I'll be honest here,because there's no point in lying to myself. I feel like we're all just pretending that Earth's this magnificent place when in actual reality the ozone layer's messed up, there's wars everywhere and we're all just a bunch of pent up hatred and madness. Everyone's a madman. School sucks too. It's just a whole lot of adults trying to please the government through pupils. In any other circumstance, 40% of those teachers wouldn't care less about the people we become. It's like everything we do, every move we make, every breath...

is all for one stupid set of tests at the age of 16. (I also feel the need to point out how extremely close  came to quoting Puff Daddy.) It's all about grades and standards and seeming smart. But they (which I make to sound as if it's some secret organisation of monks who possess demonic powers) forget that an A means nothing from anywhere other than an economical standpoint. A means a high paid job and cars and wealth. A means taking a subject I don't even like and draining myself every lesson just to try and fake some sort of enjoyment. A means constant revision and tears at night. And for what? Because of what? Grades work on fear. The idea that you'll screw up our future keeps you motivated and that's not how I want to feel any longer. It's like everyone expects me to get A's and all I want is to get out of there. I don't like the feeling of knowing that I may fail. It's funny how that's the only thing going through my mind at school. ( I don't get how that's funny. That's actually quite upsetting.)

School ( written considerably larger than everything else and surrounded by a fancy jagged bubble) - Fucking with young minds since the very beginning!


  1. Uuuuuuuuggggggh.
    "Lo!" Gwen said unto her grump of a Latino uncle in crocs. "it is the spiraling doubt that takes me whenever I am hungry or tired. I do not wish to see the pit of doubt and hatred again."
    And the grouchy Latino uncle in crocs said unto the displeased Gwen "but if we were to avoid the spiraling pits of darkness, then the rosy spectacles you use to invoke dillusioned happiness would grow too powerful and make you blind, unaware to all problems, rendering you unable to solve them."
    Gwen nodded at the wiseness of her plastic sandal clad Latino uncle, and mumbled something about being goat overlord of the universe and demolishing things.

    1. Your comments give me so much life it is actually unbelievable.
      I would offer you a goat as thanks but then I'd have to post it and the prices are completely extortionate now a days. Don't even get me started on the packaging, I mean bubble wrap is terrible when it comes to goats.

    2. As do your posts.
      You need not worry about shipping livestock or rates or even the bubble wrap*, for I am goat overlord of the universe, and all things concerning goats are under my power (not to mention the rest of the universe, but that's unimportant compared to the goat bits.) so I will acknowledge or perhaps even sanctify one of my goats in your honor.

      *it is unclear whether bubble wrap is good or evil, because it brings us great joy in popping and keeps items in the post from physical harm, but it also makes an awful noise while the popping is happening, and is made from plastic, which hurts oil resources. Not to mention the great bubble wrap incident of 2007 which no one will speak about.

  2. God, I hate school. I've been trying to convince my mom to let me be homeschooled or let me take online school, but noooooo. I hate everything about school including, but not limited to:
    Group Projects

    Can I quit now and be a drop out?

    As for the earth, I'm too busy writing stories and reading books about other places to care about mine. If I can loose myself in another place full of factions (Divergent), hunger games (The Hunger Games), alien wars (I am Number 4), cyborgs (Cinder) and mazes (Maze Runner) ,'m good to go. (Including TV or Netflix such as Once Upon A Time). Also, I'm too busy dancing.

    As my friend Ally and I say as we contemplate life, 'we tried'.

    1. I feel you. I hate most things there but if I were to dropout I'd probably live my life not knowing anything above the basics of advertisement, calculating the circumference of circles and what a neo nuclear family is. Which is no way to live my friend. I kid of course. I'm also pretty sure this is the part where I have to encourage you to continue attending school and to try your hardest even though secretly I know it's no help and I'm just saying it so I won't get sued at some point down the line.
      And I like that line you and your friend say. It sums up being human really. All you can ever do is try. Until the dark pit of death swallows you up like a tootsie roll and chomps down on your souls and.... Hahaha I'll uhh...just see myself out.

  3. I love reading diary excerpts, especially about such relatable topics. School and grades really only do matter from an economical viewpoint, but to my family they make it seem like the world. Do they not understand that life involves love and experiences and health as well? We need enjoyment and sometimes doing exceptionally well is just a whole lot of unnecessary work leading way past the ends to your means. I don't understand why I try so hard but maybe doing well in school is a tangible way to say you're better than everyone else.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. You have it tough there. Most times I'm getting yelled at for not doing chores though. "You will never get anywhere without (insert domestic role within the household here)." It's hard because I'll come home with a heck of a lot of work and revision yet have to do chores. Plus African parents have this way of being over aggressive about everything, so they'll end up shouting most times. And they'll be all "you're not my age mate" or "you show no respect" when really I'm just tired and trying not to drown in school work.
      I think school is a way of saying you're better than everyone else.That's what it seems like all the time,just a way to compare yourself to others. And it's not as if there's so many things we're comparing ourselves on anyway, right?