Sunday, 6 March 2016

There's A Salt Marsh Under My Eyes

There's a salt marsh under my eyes
Formed from hopeless, woeful nights
Thawed raw in summer like weathered roads
And numbed come winter time.

And my bones gave way last Sunday
Each puddle come intertwined-
Through the crack in my zygomatic-
In the dip of my cupid's bow

Shook mad with juddering might-
Past the arc of my bee stung lips-
To lie in my collar bone
And rock and row
And rock and row
Before it all ran dry.


  1. I MISSED THIS SORT OF WRITING FROM YOU. Just gorgeous like I love your word choice <3


  2. You are so good at writing, something I am very envious about, could you write me a song to sing?

    Meme xx

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